Keeping Your Career In Permanent Beta

Reinventing yourself isn’t about changing everything.

It’s about springing yourself past a frontier and letting
the constellation of your identity expand so you can see the beginning of a
different and more courageous dream.

about letting go of everything you’ve tried and built and accomplished and
accumulated so far, except for the person you’ve become, and using that as the raw material for whatever
comes next.

about interrogating what it is that you’re intrinsically the best in the
world at, that you have been put on this earth to do, that you’ve already been
doing your whole life, that nobody can take away from you, and that people will
value and pay money for.

It’s about evolving your work strategy based on market
feedback, changing your path path to get somewhere new based on what you’ve
learned along the way, keeping your career in permanent beta and remaking
yourself as the world changes.

And how will you know if you’ve done a good job reinventing

If you feel like a whole new person, and yet, more like yourself
than ever, you did a good job.


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