Prove That You Care About The Whole Self

We don’t need scare tactics, we need care tactics.

Organizations brave enough to interact and connect with
customers holistically, in a way that actually engages the whole self, and not
just the small part of it the company finds interesting and important.

The perfect venue for this type of innovation is your
company’s signup process.

What if registering for your product involved much more than
simply submitting your name, age and social security number? What if you let
customers pick from a collection of lifestyle images to express their whole
personas? What if the signup process was a canvas for people to talk about
their futures, goals and dreams? And what if the data from the registrations
was aggregated anonymously to help the company listen loudly and give people
more of what they want?

That’s care.

Nothing overly personal, just something with more
personality. Nothing too private, just something that commends people for engaging
in the journey of life.

Like the doctor who treats you beyond the disease, it’s time for organizations to treat customers beyond the niceties, beyond the
pleasantries and beyond the techniques, and more like a whole person.

It’s time to actually start with the customer, not just
with the customer in mind.

Tell people you care about the whole self, and then do
something to prove it.


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