Are You Letting Fear Boss Your Customers Around?

Fear is a significant factor in most people’s lives.

And if your organization wants to matter to those people, you
need a tool that helps customers feel less afraid. Some platform, some
interaction or some mechanism that gets their jitters out and gives them something
to face the world with.

the world’s largest online
platform for investment management. It’s a world of great investors that allows
you to automatically mirror their strategies, trade for trade, all from the
comfort and safety of your own account.

But that’s still scary. When money moves, people take notice.

Covestor understands this fear, so their site let users
try out the service with a hundred thousand virtual dollars, simulated
functionality, account mirroring, performance tracking, for free, with no
obligation and no payment details required.

It’s a safe haven. An interesting place where people can
interact. And a simple, smart and social platform, free from the constraints of
regulation, that identifies the line between what financial companies can do
and can’t do, and lets people play right on top of it.

Most importantly, it’s a compelling case for why investing
doesn’t have to be scary. And it’s a reminder to people that they’re all good
investors, they just don’t know it.

Are you letting fear boss your customers around?


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