Just be yourself, and here’s what (might) happen…

When you’re willing to stick yourself out there – that is, to proudly be yourself anytime, anywhere in front of any ONE – people usually respond in one of three ways:

1. Be yourself, and they become threatened.

Because their insecurity is uprooted.
Because they WISH they had the guts to stick themselves out there.
Because when they see you living your authentic life, deep down they know they’re not living their own. Damn it!

AND AS A RESULT: They might lash out, become aggressive with, insult, ignore or oppose you.

2. Be yourself, and they become inspired.

Because you’ve given them permission to be themselves.
Because, hey, if you can make it by being yourself, they can to!
Because there’s nothing cooler, more beautiful and more approachable than being around someone who’s totally comfortable with who they are.

AND AS A RESULT: They might thank you, commend you, compliment you or even cry like a baby as they give you a big hug.

3. Be yourself, and they become validated.

Because you’ve walked the same walk as them.
Because you’ve confirmed their decision to be themselves.
Because you’ve reassured them that they’re not the only crazy ones out there!

AND AS A RESULT: You’ll discover a spiritual, artistic and (truly) human connection between each other.

What (or whom) is stopping you from being yourself?

For the list called, “100 People (Not) To Listen To,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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