It’s easier to take an old brand to a new market than to create a new brand

Making a name for yourself is only the beginning. 

The real challenge is maintaining a name for yourself. Keeping the story alive and relevant. Because after a certain number of years, every brand starts to slide down the path of terminal decline. 

And unless you learn to create value in diverse offerings to as wide an array of clients as possible, you might fall off the radar completely. 

The good news is, it’s easier to take an old brand to a new market than to create a new brand all together. It’s simply a matter of reframing. 

If you’ve been in business for ten or fifteen or twenty years, and you’re starting to feel gravity plucking at you like a small, insistent hand, here’s my suggestion. And this based on my current battle with brand irrelevancy. 

Instead of going back to the drawing board, take an honest inventory of the equity you already have. Start building subtly on what already exists and what you’ve already accomplished. 

And then, see if you can find one. Just one. One new client from one new market segment that you never thought to work with before. 

Pursue it. Dive in. Learn fast. Tweak your language. And then repeat. 

Because where there’s one, there’s a ton. 

That’s how to maintain a name for yourself. 


What new market are you going to take your brand to?


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