Let the client lay track down in front of your train

The goal is to be the bullseye, not the arrow. 

To let the market target us

And yet, we limit ourselves with too narrow of a role repertoire. Instead of enlarging ourselves to source of holistic improvement, we perceive ourselves in terms of a single function. 

Instead of showing the world that we are capable of acting in new ways, we remain beholden to one method of delivering value. 

And instead of being pursued for a wide variety of client improvements, we limit our pool of new opportunities by arbitrarily creating too fine a filter.

I recently met up for coffee with a colleague of mine who works in the tech startup space. She wanted to chat about collaborating on a new project. And so, I prepared for our meeting by creating a think map of questions and ideas and strategies, equipping myself to wow her within minutes of sitting down. 

But then I remembered, oh right, not every company needs a creative visionary. Maybe she has something else in mind. And so, instead of whipping out my notebook and swooping in to tell her about all the amazing things I could do for her company, I sat back and listened. 

And within minutes, it was abundantly clear that what she wanted to buy had nothing to do with what I wanted to sell. 

But based on the company’s challenges and my capabilities, it was actually perfect fit. The project sounded challenging and interesting and rewarding. It simply required me to be open to a wider role repertoire. To let the market target me, not the other way around. 

Next time you sit down to brainstorm with a client, resist the urge to project your autobiography and superimpose your own skills upon them. 

Let them tell you what they need. Let them tell you who they think you are. 

And if it fits, just say yes. 


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