Make their knees wobble with excitement

The best piece of business advice I ever got was:

Don’t just put yourself in the customer’s future, make the customer miss you in their past. 

Be so inspiring and create so much value and deliver such a compelling case for your work that the person sitting across the table from you literally regrets not meeting you sooner in their life. As if slam their fist on table in anger and say, where the hell were you six months ago? 

That’s power. Because there’s real energy in that moment. And when channeled strategically, it can be used to your advantage. 

I recently had a meeting with a prospective client who’d been trying to hire me for years, but for whatever reason, our timing simply never worked out.

But what I realized was, that was actually a good thing. Because the emotional buildup compounded her desire. It tapped into the potent buying mechanisms of guilt and regret and loss aversion and fear of missing out. Which made her miss me in her past. 

Think of it like a sexy advertisement for a designer perfume. 

When this scent touches your skin, it will cast a spell on everyone around you. The audacious top notes of pink pepper and red fruits, and the base notes of patchouli and amber will make women’s knees wobble with excitement and feel guilty for not meeting you sooner. 

Sound ridiculous? It most certainly is. 

But remember, perfume is a multibillion dollar industry. 

They must be doing something right. 


What do you have to do to make your clients miss you in their past?


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