If you’re a service provider who’s even thinking about writing a book, read this first!

I’ve been writing a regular column for RainToday.com for several months now. If you haven’t heard of these guys already, here’s what they’re all about. RainToday.com is the premier online source for insight, advice, and tools for service business rainmakers, marketers, and leaders. Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, RainToday.com’s core offerings include:

  • Free articles by well-respected marketing, sales, and service business experts on core topics in selling and marketing professional services
  • Case studies on what’s worked in marketing and selling professional services
  • Interviews with world renowned services marketers, rainmakers, and firm leaders
  • Premium content, products and tools designed specifically for helping service providers to grow their firms

    The RainToday philosophy is “Service providers have much to learn from each other, no matter your particular area of expertise or professional practice. In key areas that matter to all our clients — such as demonstrating tangible value from intangible work, establishing and maintaining high levels of trust, or partnering for the long term — we are more alike than we are different.”

    Most importantly, RainToday just released an awesome overflowing-with-content-numbers-graphs-and-quotations book full of cutting edge, mind-blowing-research on the publishing industry. It’s called The Business Impact Of Writing A Book: Data, Analysis, And Advice From Professional Service Providers Who Have Done It.

    I read the entire book cover-to-cover as soon as my editor sent it out. (My phone interview took about an hour, from which a handful of quotations are included in the text.) And out of all the 70+ pages, here’s what I found to be most fascinating:

    “Survey respondents claim that the average DIRECT revenue (money from book sales) from getting published was $210,728; while the average INDIRECT revenue (money from consulting, speaking and related services) was $1,194,082.”

    In which case, let me just say this: if you are a service provider and you are a) thinking about writing a book, b) have always wanted to write a book, or c) are presently working on a book, go to RainToday.com right now and buy this guide. It will simultaneously exhilarate AND scare the hell out of you. Which is exactly what you need. Because writing a book is the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. But it’ll be worth it the next time you’re sitting on an airplane beside a potential customer to whom you can say, “Oh, here! Enjoy a copy of my new book!”


    How has writing a book changed your business?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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