And now for our word of the day: ubiquitous

Great word: ubiquitous.

It means “existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered or widespread.”

Some synonyms include: everywhere, pervasive, far-reaching, copious, continual, everyday, familiar, persistent and recurring.

Why do I bring this up? Well, first of all, it’s a fun word to say. In fact, try it right now. Really quick – say it out loud: ubiquitous. Just do it. Don’t worry about the guy sitting next to you.


Ok anyway, back on track. The word ubiquitous first struck me when I lived in Portland, Oregon. Home of the Trailblazers, the best salmon rolls ever, and of course, more Starbucks than any city in the world. Seriously, there was a Starbucks three blocks north of my apartment and two blocks west of my apartment. It was like that classic Onion article, New Starbucks Opens In Rest Room Of Existing Starbucks.

But all kidding aside, the lesson is simple: you’ve gotta be everywhere. And while I was reading Seth’s new ebook this morning, I thought about how valuable the word ubiquitous is to businesspeople, entrepreneurs, marketers, authors, or pretty much anyone who has an idea for which they hope to create and maintain fans. And insofar as you are ubiquitous, you increase your visibility and brand recognition. Not to mention your credibility, since customers only give you credit for that which they see you doing consistently.

So, ask yourself these questions: are you ubiquitous? is your company ubiquitous? and are you taking advantage of blogs, newsletters, search engines, podcasts, article databases, Squidoo, social networking sites and the like in order to BE ubiquitous?

I hope so! Because when you ARE ubiquitous, you’ll start to hear your customers, fans and friends say those three magical words: “Wow, you’re everywhere!”


What are the top three things YOU do to be ubiquitous?

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