Leave it to my mother to make Valentine’s Day more approachable

God bless my mom. She loves to go all out for Valentine’s Day, mainly because it also happens to be my birthday.

(Yeah, I know. Insert corny joke here.)

During our Sunday night hoo-rah, she made it a point to include all invitees in a game called Conversation Cards. According to the rules:

“The object is to give people an opportunity to learn more about their friends, spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s the chance to really stop and focus on the person you’re playing with; to learn, listen, talk and explore the unique history of the people you care about.”

The questions were great. The first one, “What superpower would you want to have?” was reminiscent of my free ebook Let Me Ask Ya This…55 Great Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met. My mom revealed that her secret super power desire would be X-ray Vision. Personally, I went with “The Ability to Press The Fast Forward Button On Life.”

We also came across this question, which I thought was hilarious. I won’t say my answer because I don’t want to offend anyone reading this blog who happens to be named “Apple.”

But anyway, today is Valentine’s Day. The “one day of the year” when we’re supposed to shower the people we love with love (thanks, JT.) And while I don’t want to get started on a big Valentine’s Day rant, let me just wrap things up with one of the most important pieces of advice I ever received: no holiday comes once a year.

That’s right. Every day should be Valentine’s Day.

Because whether or not Hallmark or Olive Garden or Godiva or your spouse says so, you should shower the people you love with love every day. Not just February 14th.


How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

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Scott Ginsberg
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