If I learned anything from Terminator 2, it was to beware of fake officers

In all my years of wearing nametags, I’m still amazed how many people mistake me for an employee. And everytime it happens – i.e., “Scott, what aisle has the work shirts? – I think to myself, “How could these people really think I work here?! It’s just a nametag!

Well, apparently a nametag is enough of a disguise to fool someone into being sexually assaulted…

In Duncanville, Texas, NBC recently reported that a fake officer sexually assaulted a woman, police said.

The woman believed she was being pulled over when she saw the flashing red and blue lights on the dash of the car behind her. But she soon learned the officers were fake. She pulled over on a dark side road, and that’s when one man dressed in a dark uniform with a badge and nametag ordered her out of the car.

She said the man sexually assaulted her while another man searched her vehicle.

“You trust them, and if you’re being pulled over, you’re thinking maybe you’ve done something wrong,” Duncanville police spokesman Keith Bilbrey said.

“We know that we have to be real cautious now. It’s just really scary that it happened around here,” resident Shantay Malcolm said.

Police said anyone pulled over should stop in a well-lit area, keep doors locked and roll down the window just far enough to communicate with officers. If still worried, anyone pulled over can call 911.

Wow. Maybe being asked questions in the middle of Target isn’t so bad after all.


Have you ever impersonated an employee?

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Scott Ginsberg
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