How to Write Your Brand Manifesto

If you want to start a movement, you have to write a manifesto.

A short, concise, inspiring declaration, written in your brand’s
trademark language, that gives your values a voice, becomes a powerful social
object and paints a compelling, detailed picture of the desired future you want
people to join you in creating.

Once you put that on wax, everything changes.

Holstee never intended for their manifesto to go viral,
become an iconic example of office art and inspire millions of people around
the world to claim a mindful and purposeful existence. The owners of the
company just wanted to sit down and create a cool, visual reminder of what they
live for, what they want from life and why they go into work everyday.

But because of this document, this bloody, heartfelt statement
that connected and infected so many of us, their brand became more followable,
their organization became more joinable, their philosophy became more
spreadable and, best yet, their bottom line became more profitable.

As usual, writing is the basis of all wealth.

And yet, there are still
organizations out there who haven’t written their manifesto yet. Not because they don’t
care, but because they don’t know where to begin.

Fortunately, this happens to be my superpower.

might not be able to change a flat, but I will melt your mind with
my skills as a strategist.
Ask anyone who’s spent more than five minutes with me, and they will testify to
my talents as a noticer, translator, interpreter, wordsmith, synthesizer,
imaginator and visionary.

Not because it’s my job, not because it’s my calling, but
because this is who I am.

This is what I do.

If your organization wants help crafting your manifesto,
email me. Write the word “manifesto” in the subject line, and I’ll ping you
back with the one and only question
you need to ask yourself to get started.


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