How to score a date with Miss Universe

Whew! I’m exhausted…

Just finished a full day of workshops with two different student leadership groups out here in Switzerland. The morning session was held in a 50+ year old auditorium with no electricity and some serious acoustical echoing. So I ditched the ol’ PowerPoint, used the sun as my light, and just spoke really, really loudly, which actually ended up sounding way better than a microphone.

The highlight of the program HAD to be when Andrew, one of the staff members, stood up on his chair and sang an a capella version of A Whole New World from Aladdin. He claimed he’d never sung anything like that in front of such a small group before, and told us afterwards that he was “terrified.”

However, Andrew received a standing ovation and clearly proved that leaders have to take risks if they want to make a name for themselves. Way to go man!

In the afternoon session, the electricity was back on. And as much as I would have enjoyed NOT using PowerPoint again, it sure was nice to see the look on 45 high school students’ faces when I show them the picture of me @ Iron Age getting my nametag tattoo. Of course, they asked to see the tattoo in person. So I showed it to them after the speech, just to keep ’em in suspense.

We also experienced the mad freestylin’ skills of Tarik, who dropped a minute’s worth of lyrics on the spot. Well done!

But the best part about this program had to be an exercise called Different vs. Unique, in which each person says, “I’m probably the only person in this room who…”

We learned some amazing stuff, i.e., some students had traveled to Antarctica, swam with sharks, hated chocolate, even NEVER seen snow before! However, the most memorable item came from Jaime, who once went on a date with Miss Universe! Jaime, you stud you!

Well, my “work” is officially done. I now have five days in Switzerland to just chill. So, I’m off to the Alps.

See ya!

What’s the difference between a “unique person” and a “different person”?

Brainstorm all the ways you could finish this sentence: “I’m probably the only person you’ll ever meet who…”

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