Meet Me! A surefire way to enable others to approach you

According to this article from the Rockford Register Star, MeetMe, a business dedicated to bringing singles together, uses the ever popular silicone bracelet worn by people who want to show they’re available and approachable. (not a typo!) explains that the bracelet is a symbol that announces a person’s availability and encourages people to approach him or her. Some wear them so they can meet people when they’re out with friends. Others wear them to increase their chances of meeting someone while going about their busy daily routines. The MeetMe bracelet leaves no question that a person is looking to meet someone and facilitates the process of bringing people together.

Presently, there are 602 bracelets in circulation.


  • I hope people don’t expect to simply slap this bracelet on and wait for others to approach them! After all, approachability is a two way street: approach-EE and approach-ER.
  • I’d like to see the website post success stories of connections made from the bracelets. Kind of like features the couples that got married after meeting on their site.
  • Isn’t our culture too saturated with these Lance Armstrong bracelets (there’s one for EVERYTHING!) that it won’t be as effective as it would have been, say, three years ago?

    Would you wear one of these?

    What other visual tools could you use to inform people around you that you’re available?

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