Grill yourself

What enables someone to be relaxed on an interview?

Here’s the way I see it:

Approachability comes from relaxation.
Relaxation comes from comfort.
Comfort comes from confidence.
Confidence comes from knowledge.
Knowledge comes from preparation.

IN SHORT: relaxation come from preparation.

So, what the best way to prepare for an interview?

By asking yourself questions.

Like, hard questions.

Questions like:

1. What are three reasons ANYBODY would want to go to my website?
2. What am I doing to earn my customers’ loyalty?
3. What did I JUST learn from this experience?
4. What do I know now that I didn’t know 12 months ago?
5. What ONE thing do I do great?
6. Who can hurt me the most?
7. Why are customers picking me?
8. Why is my business succeeding?

That’s called grilling yourself.

It challenges your thinking.
It clarifies your beliefs and values.
It prepares you to answer questions (for real) at the drop of a hat.

And if you want to ACE your next interview – for a job OR with the media – consider these three Self-Grilling Techniques:

1. THINK. Because thoughts become things. Period.

HERE’S THE WHY: your thoughts are your most valuable possessions. And when you take the time to grill yourself, your thinking clarifies. Then, those positive thoughts eventually materialize as they align with your actions.

HERE’S THE WAY: try grilling yourself while exercising. High levels of endorphins will pump dopamine to help expand your creativity. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that come about. (Just be sure not to run into somebody else on the track!)

2. WRITE. Because writing is the basis of all wealth. Period.

HERE’S THE WHY: you don’t know it until you write it. So, by regularly writing out your answers to various questions, you not only clarify your thoughts – you learn the material. Cold. And when you know the material, it flows out of your mouth smoothly, authentically and effectively.

HERE’S THE WAY: every morning before work, spend 15 minutes grilling yourself. Pick three interview questions a day. Write your answers in the form of bullet point lists. Then on Friday, re-read everything. Odds are, you’ll go back and say, “Wow, that was actually pretty good!”

3. SPEAK. Because practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. Period.

HERE’S THE WHY: speaking is an extension of writing and writing is an extension of thinking. So, by working up to speaking (the most difficult form of grilling yourself), you bring together all three elements.

HERE’S THE WAY: put 20 interview questions on 20 note cards. Everyday after lunch, pick a new one out of a hat. Read it to yourself. Then spend the next three minutes answering it aloud. Be sure to use specific examples that support your arguments. Do it every day until you’re out of questions. Then write 20 more.

Ultimately, grilling yourself is about preparation.

In your mind.
On your paper.
Out your mouth.


Approachability comes from relaxation.
Relaxation comes from comfort.
Comfort comes from confidence.
Confidence comes from knowledge.
Knowledge comes from preparation.

Grill yourself today.

When was the last time you grilled yourself?

Regularly practice these three techniques. Consider partnering up with a “grilling buddy” to keep each other accountable. In time you won’t just conduct interviews; you’ll control interviews.

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