Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus!

You’re self-employed.
You work out of your living room.
You have no boss, no staff and no rules.

How the heck are you supposed to stay focused?

HERE’S A HINT: start mentally.

Every single morning, take between 15-60 minutes for a “Daily Appointment with Yourself.”

Read, write, relax, breathe, meditate, recite affirmations, and review your goals.

Flood your mind with creative, nurturing thoughts and images that will tap into your intuition and lay a foundation of positivity and focus for the rest of the day.

HERE’S ANOTHER HINT: continue physically.

Regular exercise (at least thirty minutes EVERY day) is crucial for mental focus. The release of endorphins saturates your mind and body with the right thoughts.

What’s more, sweating cleanses your mind and body of the wrong thoughts. Rhythmic exercise, like biking, running and swimming are ideal for focus.

However, if you don’t have much time or energy, even a ten-minute walk around the neighborhood will do the trick.

HERE’S YOUR FINAL HINT: reinforce visually.

Ever heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk”?

Well, here’s the good news: your walls DO talk!

If you allow them, that is.

A great technique for maintaining focus is to post motivational, focus driven visuals to keep you on point. Try writing a few of these questions on sticky notes or whiteboards:

1. Is what you’re doing RIGHT NOW consistent with your #1 goal?
2. What did you write today?
3. Is what you’re working on RIGHT NOW solving you major problem?

REMEMBER: focus is challenging. Especially when there’s nobody but yourself to keep you accountable!

Still, there’s no one-way to maintain focus. Use your own combination of these techniques with your own learning and working style to develop a system that works for you.

What helps you focus?

Share your three best focusing techniques here!

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