What’s YOUR On-Deck Donut?

Remember little league?

Of course you do.

Remember the on-deck circle?

Of course you do.

Remember the On-Deck Donut?

Wait. The what?

The On-Deck Donut was created in the 1950’s. This piece of heavy rubber-like material usually weighs a few pounds. Batters swing with it during warm-up in the on-deck circle.

Its original purpose was for a hitter to swing it to loosen and strengthen up. He would then take it off and the bat would magically feel lighter.

This is also known as “deceleration training.”

Interestingly, baseball magazines and message boards support an entire science around these donuts.

According Tim Nolan, creator of the Procut Hitting System, On-Deck Donuts serve several purposes:

o To build arm muscle strength
o To increase bat speed (up to 8 mph)
o To psychologically “quicken” the batter’s swing
o To make the chances of getting a big hit greater
o To increase the amount of power put into the swing
o To make the player’s bat feel lighter during the game
o To release pent-up tension in their arms and shoulders
o To condition muscles to react faster and exert force quickly

So, it’s way more than just a piece of rubber.

It’s a tool.
It’s a ritual.
It’s an essential practice for performance improvement.

HERE’S THE THING: whether or not you actually play baseball, you can still warm up your PROFESSIONAL performance with an On-Deck Donut of your own.

Stay with me here…

Let’s say you just started your new job as account executive.

And you’ve been assigned the client from HELL.

They’re high maintenance, impossible to get a hold of, and worst of all, impatient.

So, during the whole project, you’re thinking, “Why did I get stuck with these jerks? This is SO not worth it!”

Not so fast, Babe Ruth.

HERE’S THE PLAY: think of this pain-in-the-butt client as your On-Deck Donut.

Sure, they’re a little heavier and harder than what you’re going to face in the future.

But that’s good! Because:

You’re quickening your thinking.
You’re strengthening your patience.
You’re conditioning your mental muscles.

AND THE BEST PART: every other client from here on will seem easier to deal with.

Because you’ve already warmed up, prepped your body and psyched your mind.

THAT is how winners play. THAT is how homeruns are hit.

What’s YOUR On-Deck Donut?

Think back to the worst client you ever had. Consider how that experience paved the way for future business.

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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