Be UN-

Be UN avoidable.
So customers can’t (not) take a picture of your store.
So customers can’t (not) walk into your store.

Be UN competable.
So you’re the only one who does what you do.
So you’re not only ON your customer’s list, you ARE your customer’s list.

Be UN confusable.
So you’re a category of one.
So you’re the origin, not the echo.

Be UN defeatable.
So you keep showing up.
So you prove your persistence.

Be UN disputable.
So you become THEE, not A.
So you become the obvious choice.

Be UN forgettable.
So your service goes beyond just being “memorable.”
So you stay in customers’ minds forever.

Be UN ique.
So you’re not just “different.”
So you’re somebody who reminds everybody of nobody else.

Be UN predictable.
So you break customers’ patterns.
So you gain customers’ attention.

Be UN stealable.
So if somebody tried to copy you or steal your material, they would fail.
So if somebody tried to copy you or steal your material, people would know.

Be UN stoppable.
So you’re not just another One Hit Wonder.
So you’re constantly expanding your body of work and reinforcing your legacy.

What’s your UN-?

Make a list of as many UN’s as you can for your business.

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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