Everything you do should lead to something else you do

The most important TWO WORDS in your entrepreneurial lexicon are:

What’s next?

Because everything you do should lead to something else you do.

Everything you do should:

Set yourself UP.
Set yourself APART.
Set yourself AHEAD.

So, in order to do so, I suggest asking these Leverage Questions. Let’s take a look:

1. What else can be made from this? The key to leverage is to look at something you’ve created and then play with its potential. It’s called “Movement Value.”

For example, if you’ve been posting on your blog every day for a year, could you combine those writings into a book? Or, if you have a stack of pictures sent in from various customers over the years, what if you created a “Meet Our Clients” slide show and posted it online?

REMEMBER: Accumulation is equity.

2. Now that I have this, what else does this make possible? Best leverage question of all time. At the end of a project, or if you gain a new skill or obtain a new piece of technology, think to yourself, “OK, now that I have THIS, what ELSE am I enabled to?” and “What does this make possible that wasn’t possible before?”

REMEMBER: Springboards, not straightjackets.

3. How else could I deliver this information? If you’re a writer or information marketer, remember that your customers and readers learn via four methods: reading, watching, listening and doing.

So, ask yourself if you’re REALLY appealing to widest audience possible. Consider mixing the medium on a regular basis. This will keep your delivery fresh and maximize your visibility. Even if you hate video, for example, do it because your customers love it.

REMEMBER: You aren’t your customer.

4. Are you saving your bad ideas for later? Bad doesn’t mean always “terrible.” It COULD simply mean “bad timing.” So, keep your unused ideas around, just in case. Revisit them regularly. You never know, something that sucked five years ago might be GOLD today!

REMEMBER: Bad (can) later become good.

5. How can I trickle? Once you get your foot in the door and work with ONE particular client, there are three directions in which future client work can trickle:

a. UP: if you worked with the state office last year, perhaps the regional and district office would want you this year!

b. DOWN: if you consulted with the national office this year, there’s no reason you couldn’t secure work with all seven of the regional offices next year!

c. OVER: if you just completed a municipal contract with the West County Branch, what if you sent a testimonial video to the East, North and South County Branches?

REMEMBER: Work three dimensionally.

So, if you want to set yourself UP, set yourself APART and set yourself AHEAD, you MUST ask these types of leverage questions.

Learn to adopt a “What’s next?” philosophy in every endeavor.

AND NEVER FORGET: Everything you do should lead to something else you do.

What’s your secret to leveraging everything?

Share your best technique here!

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