Doling out a finite amount of prosperity

Abundance is less about materiality and more about mindset.

It means that we believe that the future will be better than we think. It means that we trust that each year will be marked by new and enriching challenges and opportunities.

And it means that we will remain hopeful and optimistic despite obstacles, setbacks or even outright failure.

But this mindset cannot coexist with cynicism and negativity. If you’re someone who spends their time and energy questioning whether their opportunities will ever dry up, paranoid that the other shoe will fall, then that twinge of fear will have a contracting effect that narrows your field of vision.

If you’re someone who believes the universe is doling out a finite amount of prosperity, then it will be hard to grow beyond your limitations.

The good news is, abundance is something that’s available to all of us. We can all develop our opportunity agenda, our precious second order imagination, to notice the great prospects that surround us.

It’s simply a matter of perception. Changing the story we tell ourselves.

My therapist once told me that attitude doesn’t affect outcome, but it does affect experience. Meaning, being an optimist won’t increase our abundance, but it will increase our field of vision, which will allow us to better notice the opportunities that lead to abundance.

If we have a negative, fear based attitude about our work, our relationship, our battle with depression, then odds are, we won’t get better because we won’t do the necessary research on the resources that will make us better.

We will struggle to find the solution that leads to the solution.

Think about one of those procedural shows on network television. Before the detectives solve the big case, they always track down the mechanic who visited the prostitute who sold drugs to the landlord who used to share a prison cell with the former coworker of the serial killer.

Each of those individual people is the solution that leads to the solution. They’re all part of that abundant and expanded field of vision.

And so, it’s not about mind over matter, as the old cliché goes, it’s more about using our minds to allow more things to matter, so we can eventually bump into to the best solution.

Only by saying yes to ourselves, yes to others, and yes to life itself, will elements begin to shuffle themselves organically into patterns in accordance with abundance.

This is only the beginning. This is only the beginning.

Are you opening yourself to a world of options, or are you closing the door of opportunity on yourself?


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