Being of service to those who inhabit our lands

Our job as as employees is to create marketing campaigns for each other.

To be responsive to the requests of team members by honoring what they would like, as opposed to what we think they need.

In a world where marketing has degenerated into consumer trickery, not to mention a world where meaning is made, not found, the idea of actually being of service to the people who inhabit our workspace, it’s not a bad strategy for keeping the darkness at bay.

Now, if this isn’t something you’ve thought much about before, you’re not alone. Most people think marketing is just telling and selling. Which it is, but the intention and attention behind that ethos is in desperate need of an upgrade.

Here’s a list of several internal marketing thought starters. These have been personally helpful for me in reframing my own work, and perhaps they might inspire you as well.

How do you show up for people in a way that lets them keep going?

How do you create the tension that leads to people’s forward motion?

How will your faith in your people disprove their sense of limitation?

Why do people love themselves more because they’re connected to you?

In short, how do you help become better versions of themselves?

Questions like these are quite a bit grandiose and hyperbolic, but that’s the point. We’re talking about human potential here.

If it’s true that marketing really is the quest to make change, then our thinking can’t afford to be small. Besides, it’s not like we’re being completely altruistic in our work endeavors.

Anytime we are there for another, we become more of who we are too.

Marketing is a reciprocal construct. 

Which of your team’s gifts have no yet been employed to any useful purpose?


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