Complaining about the future will not stop it

The range of obstacles that stand in the way of unlocking our potential are vast. 

One of the big ones, if not the biggest, is mindset. 

Which is much more than just attitude. Mindset is the intention we hold when we relate to ourselves. It’s the language we use when we talk to ourselves. The posture we take when reflect on ourselves.

Complaining, for example, is a mindset. One that demonstrates a lack of power over our attitude. One that restricts access to our unrealized potential. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with feeling our anger and outrage at the absurdity and unfairness of life. But whining about something doesn’t make it go away. It doesn’t change what is. It merely sucks the air out of any new possibilities that might be available to us. 

Weiss observed it beautifully in his personal growth newsletter. He said that the inability of an animal to complain, sue, or file a grievance is a wonderful gift. Perhaps we should give more emphasis to our reptilian brain. 

Perhaps that’s the inherent problem with our species. We think too goddamn much. Most of us never suspend our critical minds long enough to even give our true potential free reign. We’re too busy saying no and making excuses and explaining why things won’t work and buckling into the vortex of poor me. 

That’s the question that part of me wants to ask people. 

Has that mindset every helped you solve anything? 

Probably not. 

Remember, our capabilities for great things will grow in proportion with the optimism, openness and ownership of our mindset. 

And so, let us keep our ears alert to the tone of our own complaining. Let us catch ourselves in every complaint we make. Let us honestly ask if our attitude is helpful or limiting. Let us take extreme responsibility for the attitude and energy we bring to the world. 

And let us curious about how our mindset might have helped create our problem or aggravate it. 


What are the giants you need to slay to make your attitude what it needs to be?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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