Going up the existential staircase

Sometimes life feels like you’re trying to go downstairs when everybody else is coming up. 

It’s as if the whole world is conspiring against your goals. Testing you with its angry, wild and resistive energy. And with every passing second, with every bead of flop sweat that trickles down your back, you feel more and more helpless to meet your own needs. 

Like abandoned flotsam on the currents of life. 

And instead of learning how to sort and dispose of what comes at you, there’s a part of you just wants throw up your hands, impotent in the face of nature’s energy, and let the undertow carry you away. 

Graves built an entire school of thought around this experience. His psychological theory of spiral dynamics held that most human beings were confined to the lower levels of existence where they were motivated by needs shared with other animals. And so, they suffered the pangs of existence in an endless struggle with unbridled lusts and a threatening universe. 

Pretty bleak. 

In fact, few things are more demoralizing than believing you’re running your life the wrong way and feeling helpless to change it. 

But he’s not wrong. Living from a place of existential scarcity serves nobody. 

But that resistance is just a story. It’s all inside our heads. And so, in the words of my favorite lead singer, let each of us be positively inebriated with life, be true to ourselves, spiral out, keep going and keep growing. May each of us confront that existential staircase as an upward spiral. 

Let each of us find footholds of faith despite life’s opposition. 

And may each of us call upon whatever reserves of resilience are left to hurl into the future. 


What will become surprisingly easier once you conquer your inner resistance?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.  



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