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A friend of mine once wrote a brilliant essay about abandoning dreams.

Being an adult is not about abandoning your dreams. Dreams just have shorter shelf life. There isn’t an opportunity to wait five years to be the next you. It’s today. Dreams cost more because they last less long. They mature into market value sooner. 

And so, when our dreams fall by the wayside, it’s natural to feel sad and guilty and even regretful. But we should also remind ourselves of a few important things. 

First, change is taking place everywhere at every moment. Human beings are designed to outgrow everything. We can’t allow our perfectionism to make us forget that we’re engaged in a process of transformation over time. After all, all suffering arises from ignoring the way things really are. 

Second, not every dream is worth seeing through until the end. Giving up is highly underrated. Especially since our aspirations evolve over time to reflect our changing priorities. Our responsibility is to remake ourselves as we grow and as the world changes. Our commitment is to truth, not to consistency. 

The good news is, letting go of outdated dreams can be a surprisingly optimistic experience. Accepting our losses as the natural consequence of our own correct intuitive prioritizations, that buoys our faith in threatening times. 


Are surrendering to life as it unfolds, or declaring war on what is?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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