How Bonobos Apparel Converts Interaction to Income

The best way to get more business from your customers is by intelligently interacting with them.

example, one fourth of all Bonobos customer service is publicized.

the implications of this.

it multiples their reach. Exponentially more people can experience and benefit
from a single act of service. Even if they’re not customers. Second, it creates
an apparatus of accountability. Each interaction requires thoughtful
consideration on the behalf of the employees. Even if they’re engaging with
critics. Third, it builds their listening platform. Direct engagement with
customers leaves behind a trail of potentially valuable data. Even if
they’re just saying hello. And fourth, it delivers social proof. Potential
customers see their amazing service in action. Even if they know nothing about
the product yet.

It’s the perfect storm.

Combine amazing customer service with public social media
and you’ve got a winning equation for converting interactions into income.


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