Bonjour, je m’appelle Scott!

Viola! I just finished a program with Junior Leadership University of YPO in Leysin, Switzerland. It was amazing! The city was THE most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. And the pizza…ohhhhh the pizza…MAN it was good stuff.

Unfortunately, Leysin wasn’t as friendly as I’d hoped. The only Bonjor Scotts I received were from a nice lady who sold me a Swiss Army Knife and a group of European tourists who stared at me like I was crazy.

Oh well!

Nevertheless, we had an amazing week. There were about 40 highschoolers from around the world who came to Leysin to improve their leadership skills. My workshop was called “Unforgettable Communication…One Conversation At A Time,” a true characteristic of all great leaders. The students learned about building front porches, becoming experts on themselves, resistance/discomfort and everyday rituals. The participation, feedback and attentiveness were incredible from everyone!

Check out some of these pictures! To take a closer look, just click on the thumbnail to enlarge each set.

Volleyball with Chic and Renee, Drew, Brian and Mike stuck on the bus, Amy and Sara @ Ropes Course

Soccer (futbol) in the mountains, KJ’s nametag and The Village

Cool Suisse shirts, fondue and 100 reindeer

Josele’s sexy “look,” Scott and the students and a few shots of the Alps

Scott’s workshop and the students’ posterboard summary of Scott’s workshop

A 3 hour hike into the Alps, two cows having sex and peaceful reflection from the summit

The Great Grass Clock, Caroline and her gi-normous glasses, Matt from South Africa and Drew the Drummer

Political Graffiti, Amy the “Bomb Ass,” and Lausanne

Lake Geneva and a sissy speaker who didn’t have the guts to swim because it was too cold

Sunrise at 5:00 AM on Friday the 22nd

It was a great honor to speak to all the students of Junior Leadership University. You guys were awesome! I can’t wait to stay in touch with everyone, and I’ll see my fellow staff members Chic, Renee, Roger, Suzanne, Doon, Robert, Kerry, KJ, Phil, Bjorn, Chris and Daryl again next year!

Au revoir!


What’s the most beautiful foreign city you’ve ever visited?

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