5 Exercises to Enhance Your Personal Expertise

Personal Self-Expertise is a front porch for two reasons: 1) It equips you with the confidence of knowing exactly who you are; and 2) It magnetizes others to you because they admire and respect those who know exactly who they are.

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Here are 12 exercises that will help you enhance your self-expertise.

101 Goals
Make a list of 101 Goals for the next year. Any kind of goals can apply: business, personal, financial, athletic or romantic. Make some big and some small. And be sure to write them down on one sheet of paper so you can keep it with you. Take as much time as you need, too. This is not an easy exercise and it may take a few weeks.

Now, not only is this an effective goal setting technique, but when you’ve completed your list, ask yourself this: what patterns do I see among my goals? Are they all related to business? Are they all related to material things? Are they concrete goals or abstract goals? It’ll blow your mind! And this exercise will provide tremendous insight into what you value and therefore contribute to your self-expertise.

101 Things That Make Me Happy
Lists allow us to easily put information which belongs together in one place. They don’t prioritize, segment, or bias any one item; but rather allow us to simply get it all down on paper – and sometimes that’s the most important part of learning. In this exercise, you will start to see commonalities of certain things that make you happy. Yet again, further insight into the person you really are.

25 Of Your Greatest Accomplishments
Not only will this exercise put you in a great mood, but it will demonstrate your talents and passions. For example, if all of your accomplishments are related to helping others, that says something about your character. If all of your accomplishments are financial, it says another. List and learn!

Most people have certain philosophies and theories about life, business and relationships; but few people write them down. So take some time one Saturday or Sunday, go to the park, and organize your thoughts. Think of yourself as a famous philosopher who is writing his manifesto about life. Now, you don’t actually have to write the whole thing out, but list several key areas of life along with which rules, theories or philosophies you adhere to in order to become successful. You never know, you may be the next great thinker! And you’ll also be surprised at how easy it is to organize your ideas once you do so visually.

The Roof Is On Fire
Ask yourself this question: if your house was on fire and you were only allowed to go back and grab one thing, what would you choose?

Let’s say your answer was pictures. Good. Now, dig deeper and think about what that means: are you family oriented? Do you place great value on memories? Are you a materialistic person?

Ok, I just realized this post is getting kinda long! For several other exercises to enhance your personal expertise, check out this new article.


What do you do to become an expert on yourself?

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