What happens when 1300 professional speakers get together?

Whooooooo! What a week! I just got back from this year’s fantastic conference of the National Speakers Association. The sessions were informative; the speeches were inspirational; the activities were fun and the late night parties were…well…unforgettable!

Because there was such an explosion of knowledge, experience and insight, I thought I’d share some of the most memorable one-liners from this year’s speakers. After all, we can only quote Ben Franklin, Napolean Hill and Mark Twain for so long. Let’s hear what the next generation of brilliant thinkers has to say…

“Whether you’re speaking to an audience or to a person, always leave the campsite better than you found it.”
Mark Scharenbroich

“Whiney, moany and groany people don’t have opportunities, encouragement and learning because nobody wants to be around them!”
Andy Andrews

“People don’t care what you did, they only care what you learned.”
Mark Sanborn

“The quality of the wood is magnified by the finish, and if the customer can see himself in the reflection – he will buy the furniture.”
Thom Winninger

“When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.”
Betrice Berry

“Don’t worry about trying to impress people, worry about trying to inspire people; because if you can inspire them first, they WILL be impressed.”
Willie Jollie

“The greatest barrier to business success is anonymity.”
David Avrin


What’s your best one-liner?

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