The best way to eliminate the competition is to not have any

Are you worried about The Competition?

That someone else is going to come along and steal away all your business?

GOOD NEWS! competition doesn’t have to exist.

Not if you don’t want it to.

See, if your brand is uniquely positioned in a way that’s un-comparable, un-duplicatable and un-like anything else in the market – you won’t have any competition!

EXAMPLE: let’s say you’re a marketing consultant. But you’re the ONLY marketing consultant who works solely with paint shops.

You’re thee, consultant for paint shops, not merely “a” consultant in general.


Now, if a paint shop was hoping to hire an outside advisor like yourself, here’s what would happen:

1. The two owners of the paint shop would hop onto Google.

2. They’d find your website and think, “OK, these guys look great. But before we hire them, shouldn’t we at least check out a few of the other paint shop marketing consultants?”

3. But after a few minutes they’d realize, “Huh. Well, it looks like there ARE no other paint shop consultants. Guess we better hire these guys!”


Bye-bye competition, hello new customers!

So, if you want to eliminate the competition, remember these three keys:

1. Be “thee,” not “a.” Pick a lane. Go where others aren’t. Narrow the focus of your expertise and you will broaden your appeal.

2. Be the only one. That’s the true definition of unique – the only one. You need to be able to finish the following sentence, “We’re the only company who…” or “Our website is the only one that…”

3. Be bold. Eliminating the competition isn’t for the timid. You MUST stick yourself out there if you want to get them to come to you. Don’t just be memorable; be unforgettable! Because if you get noticed, you get remembered. And if you get remembered, you get business.

Ultimately, if you practice those three keys here’s what will happen:

When your customer is seeking to hire someone like yourself, you won’t “be at the top of their list.”

Better yet, you’ll be so unique, so narrowly focused, so valuable and SO original, that your customer won’t even have a list!

Just a big fat sticky note that says, “Get these guy!”

How do you eliminate your competition?

Share your secret here!

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