Are You Someone We Can Build Something Around?

You’re not here to be helpful addition.

The goal is to get woven into the organization fabric.

To be a stand for other people’s greatness. To be a fixture they
can build something around. To be a solid foundation with deep roots, from
which dozen of other branches can sprout and flourish and seed the rest of the landscape.

And if that’s going to happen, you have to bring something
brand new to life. You have to create something from whole cloth and deliver in
a way that the organization would be happy to have repeated.

When I worked at a digital marketing agency, I created and
operationalized an accelerated strategic framework called thinkmapping. The
process combined research, storytelling and visual design and turned it into a platform for sharing ideas and
observations and insights with clients.

But over time, thinkmapping evolved into more than just a
whiteboard experience, it became part of our brand. Something we were known
for. Not just a social object, but a communication ritual. A winning
presentation style that expanded our ability to engage our audience. And a key
deliverable in our client strategy process.

I was now woven into the organizational fabric.

Mission accomplished.

Are you someone we can build something around?


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