Scott’s Sunday Sentences, Issue 013

Sentences are my spiritual currency. 

Throughout my week, I’m constantly scouring and learning and reading and inhaling and annotating from any number of newspapers, blogs, online publications, books, articles, songs, art pieces, podcasts, eavesdroppings, random conversations and other sources of inspiration.

Turns out, most of these sentences can be organized into about eleven different categories, aka, compartments of life that are meaningful to me. And since I enjoy being a signal tower of things that are interesting, I figured, why not share them on a regular basis?

In the spirit of “learning in public,” I’ve decided to publish a weekly digest of my top findings, along with their respective links or reference points. Sentence junkies of the world unite!

Creativity, Innovation & Art 

“They might not agree with you, but they like how you got there,” from an interview with George Carlin.

Culture, Humanity & Society 

“No one goes there imagining how they can contribute to the city, people go to there to get their picture taken with the city in the background,” from Moby.

Identity, Self & Soul 

“You, less than, is a lie,” from Pam Slim’s new book.

Lyrics, Poetry & Passages 

“Everybody who is honest is interesting,” from Stefan Sagmeister.

Meaning, Mystery & Being 

“Happiness spreads up to three degrees of separation from us,” from Emma Seppala.

Media, Technology & Design 

“Is there a new behavior here that you can see one hundred million people doing?” from Business Insider.

Nature, Health Science 

“Nature does not depend on us, we are not the only experiment.,” from Trimtab.

People, Relationships & Love 

“People are looking for proof that you can be amazing so that they can be amazing, too,” from The Flinch.

Psychology, Thinking & Feeling

“A relentless willingness to root out the ways we limit or deceive ourselves from seeing what is,” from The Fifth Discipline.

Success, Life & Career

“All the bullshit that pulls us away from what we’re trying to do, that’s the villain,” from Steven Pressfield.

Work, Business Organizations

“No business model remains intact past the first customer interaction,” from Hugh’s new book.

See you next week!


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