Do You Communicate All Three Dimensions of Your Value?

When you sell a commodity, you differentiate through language, purpose, emotion, education, interaction, technology, leadership, narrative, culture, connection, service, support, responsiveness, honesty and humanity.

That way, instead of lowering your price, you’re raising
your value.

And you won’t have to feel like a grain of sand lying on a

A smart strategy for doing so is to make the intangible

To take the service you provide for customers and find a
unique, personal and creative way to visually substantiate the process,
facilitate a graphical understanding of the milestones along the way and
amplify the care and effort you put into your work.

If you design web applications, send clients screen captures
with demos of the new features. If you install residential landscaping, send
families daily progress videos of the project. If you create digital marketing
campaigns, send clients panoramic shots of the team working on office

If you run an auto repair shop, text customers pictures of
technicians hard at work on their cards. If you manage a pet daycare, upload pictures
of owner’s dogs romping around with their canine friends. If you design custom
wedding bands, send couples time lapse videos of comps and concepts of their

In an increasingly commoditized world, credibility
is a function of process, not product. And a little extra intention and
attention goes a long way.

Memorialize the method, brand the service and publicize the
how behind the what.

Communicate all three dimensions of your value.


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