Allow the Solution to Present Itself

Physics isn’t about the solution.

It’s about approaching the problem in a sound, positive,
intelligent and systematic way so that the solution presents itself.

the same could be said for business.

not about selling a product, it’s about approaching an industry in an entirely
new way so that the product sells itself.

Woolley, a law firm in Stradford,
conducts most of their correspondence online by calling attorneys based in
different parts of the country.

Aced, an online gambling community, has secret features, bonus codes and free
invitations to live poker junkets embedded into their table designs.

Zack Borer, a singer and songwriter, released a new digital single
every month throughout the year, leading up to the release of his new record.

Works, a textile material company, holds annual roundtable discussions to
involve all levels of their supply chain in the conversation.

These people aren’t exactly changing the world, but at least they have the guts
to speak out against the system try something innovative.

way more interesting than marching in lockstep with the culture.

isn’t that what physics is all about?


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