A Modern Approach to New Client Acquisition

A few weeks ago, my friend AJ Lawrence of The Jar Group said something that got my brain working.

“Instead of making a cold call to customers, we make a warm zone
around them.”

He’s right. We desperately need a modern approach to new client acquisition. 

It’s about courting.
Instead of trying to make a sale to someone, earn the right to start a relationship
with someone.

It’s about
Instead of hanging your fortunes solely on chance, make
friends before you make requests so you’re not speaking from a deficit

about research.
Instead of pretending to know everything, you study the ecosystem
around their business and discover insight worth sharing.

It’s about permission. Instead of darkening
customer doorsteps, work creatively and respectfully to earn the privilege of
following up.

It’s about respecting.
Instead of sending prospects an article of interest, publish content that turns
their brand into the article of interest itself.

It’s about generosity. Instead of being
selfish with knowledge, obtain information of high value and help at a high
level first.

It’s about positioning. Instead of showing up as a
service provider, come in as a strategist so you’re treated as an equal

It’s about understanding. Instead of artificially
squeezing your product into their overcrowded lives, help people become better
at what’s important to them.

It’s about relaxing. Instead of being the hero who swoops in to solve the customer’s problem, be the friend who stands as a fixture in the customer’s life.

It’s about prioritizing. Instead of trying to close everyone everywhere, place value on building the relationship over making the sale.

beats cold calls, direct mail and print ads.


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