5 ways to punch your customers in the face

WARNING: This article does not encourage readers to actually punch their customers in the face.

Here’s what I mean…

In the process of breaking the silence, making the mundane memorable, turning strangers into friends, and turning friends into fans, you must IMMEDIATELY inform people of your credibility.

Get their attention quickly and blatantly. Like punching them in the face.

Here’s WHY I mean this.

We live in an untrusting culture. Customers and prospects are already skeptical before going to your site, reading your stuff or hearing you talk. You must disarm immediate preoccupation.

Everyone’s an expert. Or so it seems. And sometimes it’s hard to tell the gurus from the wannabe gurus. Which is why you must differentiate yourself.

More choices, less time. It’s the paradox of our generation. (It sucks, but it’s reality.) So, consider the fact that people form first impressions of you and your company within a few seconds.

Here are five situations in which you must punch people in the face with your credibility:

EXAMPLE 1: Websites
When someone comes to your homepage, what are you doing to project credibility within the first few seconds? Check out SNAP’s homepage. The first thing you see are the awards they’ve won. Nice.

EXAMPLE 2: Products
I believe in The Sticker Theory. By that I mean, “What little sticker could you put on the front of your product that enhances its value through increased credibility?” As seen on TV? Featured on Oprah’s book club?

EXAMPLE 3: Presentations
Within the first few minutes of your speech, sales presentation, etc., you need to prove your credibility to the audience so (a) you lay a foundation to validate future points, and (b) your audience listens to you. Remember, every presentation of some kind involves at least one person wondering, “What does this have to do with me?”

At the end of your articles or on your marketing materials, you probably have some sort of “bio.” And it’s usually short. What key words and phrases could you include? Have you been recognized as an expert? Worked in your industry for 30 years? Been inducted into the Million Dollar Club? Whatever it is, put it on there. For more ideas on this, check out The Dolly Parton Theory.

EXAMPLE 5: Entrances
Ever see that little Zagat sign in the window of a restaraunt? Or a CitySearch award on the wall of a club? Or the coveted 5-star award behind the concierge of a hotel? If so, you’ve just been punched in the face. Therefore, if you own a store, club, restaraunt, hotel or any other place of business that has a lobby or entryway, consider hangning “decorations of credibility” for all your customers to see!

NOTE: I’m not suggesting interruption marketing here. (If you read my recent post on that idea, you’ll see that’s not how I roll.)

This isn’t about annoying, abusing or assaulting customers. It’s about informing them of your credibility quickly, obviously and honestly so they feel more comfortable working with you in the future.

The thing is, in our fast paced, choice-saturated culture, sometimes you just gotta punch people in the face.

In an approachable way, of course 🙂

Are you punching customers in the face with your credibility?

Email me (scott@hellomynameisscott.com) with a list of all the ways your company punches customers in the face with your credibility. I’ll compile them for a future article!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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