22 Ways to Make Negative Thinking Work for You

Inasmuch as positive thinking is a healthy, creative and productive approach to life, there IS something to be said about being the (occasional) Negative Nelly.

Wow. That was REALLY cheesy. Negative Nelly. I sound like Ned Flanders.

Whatever. Flanders rules.

Anyway, Negative Thinking – despite its bad rap – CAN have positive attributes.

When used and timed correctly.


Posing occasional questions underscored with doubt and skepticism is a healthy way to maintain objectivity and curiosity.

And that’s what leads to breakthrough thinking.

Negative Thinking – and, more specifically, Negative Questioning – is a protective measure. It’s challenging, counterintuitive and gives you permission to explore the downside without feeling like a Negative Nelly, Debbie Downer or Suzie Suckbag.

LESSON LEARNED: human beings NEED to have occasional negative thoughts.

So, in situations where you’re evaluating, planning, discussing or offering/soliciting feedback, consider asking people (AND yourself, too) negative questions.

Let’s explore 22 of them:

1. What are my three most limiting factors?
2. What is the stupidest thing I could say?
3. What is the stupidest thing I could do?
4. What are the three most common mistakes made by people my situation?
5. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
6. What’s the stupidest idea I could possibly have?
7. What type of person do I definitely NOT want to become?
8. What negative addictions do I have?
9. Who can hurt me the most?
10. In what ways am I obsolete?
11. How could this negatively affect me?

12. What mistakes have you learned from?
13. What’s the absolute worst idea you could possibly come up with?
14. What mistakes did you make in your first year of business?
15. What was your last “what-NOT-to-be” lesson?
16. What are the common traits among those who have failed?
17. What was your last “what-NOT-to-do” lesson?
18. How could this negatively affect you?
19. What UN-motivates you?
20. What do you fear losing?
21. What has been your biggest failure?
22. What threatens your peace?

REMEMBER: it takes a positive person to make negative thinking work.

So, when used judiciously, asking Negative Questions can lead to some pretty cool break-diddely-ake-throughs.

Are you positive enough to think negative?

Share your three best Negative Thinking Questions here!

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