You have a true self that knows the next step here

Rogers famously wrote that human beings have potentially available a tremendous range of intuitive powers. 

That we are indeed wiser than our intellects, but sadly, we have neglected the capacities of the non rational, creative and metaphoric parts of our brains.

What he forgot to mention, though, is that intuition arrives as a physical whisper, not a cognitive shout. The thing we tune into is our body, not our brain. 

There’s a term that my favorite fictional detective uses anytime his intuition steps in to help solve the big case. 

Something about this doesn’t track for me

Meaning, there’s an inconsistency in the serial killer’s sequence of events. His behavior doesn’t fit the pattern. It’s not aligned. It doesn’t track. 

That’s how I feel whenever my intuition starts speaking to me. I feel this sudden surge of disinterest. My body turns into a pinball machine of physiological reactions, from warning tingles to stomach pangs to body heat to chest constrictions to eye twitches to spooked feelings to spine chills to brain cramps. 

All physical manifestations of doubt. 

Of course, it’s just information. These triggers are more about my own history than the person sitting across the table. And I don’t want to be too quick to find that everything is aligned with my powers of intuition. To quote the aforementioned detective:

If your only tool is a gun, every problem starts to look like a corpse. 

But our bodies will never lie to us. The machinery of intuitive thought is a powerful thing. And we always have a true self that knows the next step here. 

At the very least, we owe it to ourselves to pay real attention, even if we don’t take action. 


What thing your life right now doesn’t track for you? * * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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