You have to do whatever it takes to become who you are

Being ourselves is important.

We now live in a world that places a considerable burden on each of us as individuals to come up with some unique self to be and rewards us accordingly.

For the most part, that’s a useful thing. But at a certain point, that pressure of individuality can become an impediment to our growth. If we’re holding onto that identity ship with our fingernails, unable to let go and iterate into the next iteration of ourselves, then we can’t evolve into what we might become.

Switching careers is a common way people do this. It invites them to transcend the limits of their individuality.

My transition from all the time entrepreneur to full time employee comes to mind. Looking back, it’s not that that version of myself wasn’t working anymore, it’s that there was a newer, healthier, more robust, more valuable version of myself that needed to emerge, but there was simply no space for that process to occur.

Psychological dislocation was needed. Even if the process was uncomfortable and foreign to me, it had to be done.

My mentor told me that when you’re being called to something different, the urge to hang on is really strong. And the tendency to try and negotiate a deal, to replace one process for another, is seductive. When the only real solution is to let go of any process at all.

In short, you have to do whatever it takes to become who you are. Otherwise you won’t contribute to this world at your most meaningful level.

What identity are you gripping too tightly? Which part of you no longer needs to be the heart of you?

You could let go of everything that you’ve tried and built and accomplished, except the person you’ve become, and used that to fuel yourself to your next stage of evolution.

Look, part of our growth as humans is the willingness to move and transform to wherever that process of change takes us, without letting the fear of what we’re leaving behind prevent us from evolving into something new.

By all means, be yourself, but don’t be afraid to transcend the limits of your individuality. 

What if within you was a version of yourself waiting to be realized?


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