Yet another company I should be the spokesperson for

My friend Steve found this article in USA Today.

Pictured is Ernst & Young Global CEO Jim Turley, who talks to Brigham Young University students at Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, on March 18. The company uses the event, E&Y Extreme, as a recruting tool.

Look closely at the signage on the lecturn behind Jim.

Wow. Not only did they use the name of my company and my brand, but the title of my new book! Woo hoo!

Not that I’m mad or anything. It’s kind of neat, actually.

However, along with Paxil, Sharpie, MACO and The St. Louis CVB, I will now add Ernst and Young to my running list of Companies I Should be the Spokesperson For.

So, if anyone out there:

1. Works for Ernst and Young
2. Knows someone who works for Ernst and Young
3. Or knows how to get in touch with Ernst and Young CEO Jim Turley

…please let me know! I gotta meet this guy! Help me make it happen!

Because Jim needs a copy of my new book, pronto.

(By the way, the new book is being printed. I will have it ready for sale this month.)

What company should YOU be the spokesperson for?

In 200 words or less, explain why!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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