The Year In Email, 2005

You get a LOT of emails. Maybe even a few hundred per week. And while you do your best to read, reply and consider each of the messages as they come in, there is no doubt you’ve forgotten or missed a few over the past year.

So, here’s a great exercise called “The Year In Email, 2005.”

Go to your Inbox. Sort all of your emails according to the Sender, so it’s easier to read. Then make your way through the entire alphabet. Now, if you have a few thousand emails, this will take some time. I just finished myself, and it took about 40 minutes. However, in my search I discoverd:

  • At least 10 leads I missed
  • Dozens of emails that I never replied to
  • Several people I needed to catch up with
  • A few emails that made me laugh out loud
  • Many messages I’d simply forgotten about

    Hey, it’s the end of the year. The holidays are here. People are vacationing left and right. So other than getting together your ’06 goals and plans, you probably don’t have a LOT to do. So I’d recommend this exercise. You never know what you might find.


    How many emails do you get per week?

    * * * *
    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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