I heart my job, what about you?

This is very exciting. My new buttons just came in the mail from purebuttons.com! (Check out their site if you haven’t already.) Anyway, I enclosed a button in each of my 2005 Holiday cards.

And while I was mailing them yesterday, I starting thinking about the magnitude of such a small item…

Let’s say you wore a pin like this to a meeting, conference, trade show, sales call, walking down the street or simply around the office. Possible reactions might include:

  • “Why do you love your job?” a stranger asks.
  • “So, what do YOU do?” inquires someone at your table.
  • “Hey, I love my job too! Can I have a button?” asks your coworker.
  • “I am so glad to be working with someone who loves his job,” thinks your client.
  • “You know, this is the kind of company I would like to work with,” thinks your potential client.
  • “Hmm…look at her button. I love my job. Wow. She’s lucky. Wish I could say that. Maybe someday I will…” a kid on the bus wonders.
  • “Barb, look! That’s SO cool! He loves his job. See, that’s why I like shopping here …” a customer says to his wife.

    So, not unlike a nametag, this button would encourage approachability. (By the way, check out an amended version of The Approachability Philosophy.)

    Therefore, what I purpose is the following:

  • If you love your job and would like me to send you one of these buttons, please send $1.00 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address
  • If you choose to wear this pin, observe and record people’s reactions and email them to me
  • As they come in, I will post your stories on this blog

    I’m proud to wake up every morning and say, “I love my job!” So I think this is a beautiful message to send to the world; both as a reminder to the people who love their jobs, and also as an inspiration to the people who hope to do so in the future.


    Why do you love your job?

    * * * *
    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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