Why your competitors are attracting more attention than you

They’re working longer than you.
What time do YOU leave the office?

They’re working harder than you.
What time do you arrive AT the office?

They’re working smarter than you.
Does everything you do lead to something else you do?

They’re better positioned than you.
What are you known for?

They’re easier to get a hold of than you.
How many different ways can people contact you?

They’re asking better questions than you.
Do you have a stockpile of creative, unexpected questions that only YOU ask?

They’re blogging more regularly than you.
What’s your excuse for not blogging everyday – or at all?

They’re ranked higher on Google than you.
What happens when somebody googles YOU?

They’re calling customers back quicker than you.
How quickly do you get back to people?

They’re publishing more online content than you.
What did you write today?

They’re building a bigger permission asset than you.
How big (and how good is your relationship WITH) your email list?

They’re more focused with their marketing than you.
What slice of a slice have you chosen to specialize IN and be known FOR?

They’re being talked about more frequently than you.
Are you giving people a reason to tell their friends about you?

What is your Attention Attraction Plan?

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