Why do people always ask ME for directions?

This story was contributed by Ciprianna Shockley from www.TheResourceRoom.net

After a seminar that I was hosting was cancelled, I didn’t want to waste my entire Saturday, so I went to Times Square in NYC and put my business card inside a nametag holder (left over from a networking event) and started handing out business cards.

It started to rain, so I stepped back against the wall of the subway station. And what do you think happended? As the rain began to stop, people were coming up to me asking me for directions! What was weird was that they had to walk out of their way to get to me to ask me for directions. Guess I forgot that I had the business card pinned to my shirt!

Now, this wasn’t something that I’d normally do, so it was easy to forget that I was wearing it. I stood there for a couple of hours and noticed that more and more people walked over to me instead of someone closer to them. So, I think I can attribute that behavior to the theory that nametags and/or business cards makes a person more approachable.


Are you someone, or do you know someone, who ALWAYS gets asked for directions?

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Scott Ginsberg
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