What the heck does “approachability” mean anyway?

Since the official release of The Power of Approachability on March 22, 2005, things have been going tremendously! The book has been selling quite well around the country, both through the website and at various speaking programs. (If you’d like to read the first three chapters, click here.)

I asked several colleagues, associates and members of my internetwork to share their comments about the book and how approachability plays a part in their businesses.

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Michael A. Chwastiak, Blue Boulder Internet Publishing
“Are you approachable? – June 10, 2005”

Whether you’re gregarious or introverted, this book offers excellent advice on how to improve your conversational skills, make great first impressions, become a better networker, and become more approachable overall. He also includes…

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Julie Hood, The Organized Writer
“One of those books you don’t know you need until you read it – June 9, 2005”

Are you approachable? Hmmmm…. the first time I heard that question, I wasn’t sure. What exactly does it mean to be approachable? The author, Scott Ginsberg, “that guy with the nametag” (who has worn a nametag continuously since Nov. 2, 2000), certainly has the experience to explain it — and uses his Six Power Principles of Approachability to share his insights.

Some of my favorite parts of the book explain how to deal with those tricky networking situations like…

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Shepard Hyken, Shepard Presentations
“You can’t pass this one up! – June 1, 2005”

This is all of Scott’s best ideas, articles, tips and more – all put into one book. He is great for making the business concepts simple. He backs the concepts up with stories. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. You’ll be more approachable. That means you’ll be better in all of your relationships – both personal and business!

Philip R. Gerbyshak, Gerbyshak.com
“Excellent book with many practical tips, May 5, 2005”

So many tips, so little space to write about them all. Ginsberg talks about the 5 things this book will help you become, and it really does help you with each of them (become a great conversationalist, become unforgettable in your first impressions, become a networking superhero, and become the epitome of approachability in your business and personal lives). I especially enjoyed the tips on how to become a networking superstar, with valuable tips like remember NOT to put your cell phone on the dinner table when out with friends, NOT to just talk about you, and other insights. For those who are looking to be a better listener and a better communicator, this book is definitely for you. The tips are very practical, and easy to implement. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly!

Kathy Condon, KathyCondon.info
“He’s got it right! – May 2, 2005”

Since connecting with people/networking is one of my niches, I read books on connecting with a careful eye. I read to see if the writer truly understands that making a person feel significant is truly the key to making and maintaining friendships. Scott has gotten it sooo right!!! This is an outstanding book that provides simple techniques that anyone can use any where at any time.

Karen Hoffman, City of Experts
“The Power of Approachability, April 26, 2005”

Ever read a book that is FUN and you are learning at the same time??? That you actually feel that you are having a one on one conversation with the author, and learning along the way? I consider myself a very good networker, (I love people-that helps!) but I really learned so much from this book! I totally LOVE the 50 questions you can use to engage a conversation! No more-boring weather questions…. This is an inexpensive “course” in increasing our relationship portfolio! Our network impacts our net worth-this book will increase your net worth if you read it and take to heart and actually try some of his ideas and be open to his philosophies.

Brad Cohen, Class Performance
“APPROACHABILITY with some PERSONALITY, April 18, 2005”

Great book! This book is about being personal. It is very difficult for some people to interact with others. Scott takes us on a journey of how strangers can meet each other in the most effective way. Yes, Scott is the extreme as he walks around with his nametag on all day, everyday! But that allows us as the reader to figure out where we fit in…

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Lawrence T. Twenter, III, Pro Expo Consultants
“Why we need to be approachable? – March 29, 2005”

In the book, Power of Approachability, Scott Ginsberg has written a matter-of-fact guide on how anyone can maximize their own approachability. Scott has put together some incredible materials and insightful information, most of which comes from his own real-life interactions and observations. That is just one of the reasons why the book is so hard to put down. The reader is challenged from the introduction to take charge of their own approachability on a daily basis. Additionally, Scott helps you to fill the gaps between Why we need to be approachable? and How to do it. Anyone who reads this book will learn how to become a better communicator, networker and listener; all of which will lead towards a life of greater personal interactions and personal success.

Thanks to everyone for their comments! And if you’d like to pick up your copy of The Power of Approachability, click here.


How does approachability play a part in your business?

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