What’s in YOUR wallet?

It’s rare to have an epiphany while standing in the middle of Hooters.

But I guess there’s a first time for everything.

“Look around this bar,” my friend Matt urged, “and tell me what you see.”

“Um … hooters. I see hooters,” I said.

“Alright, wise-guy. Now tell me what you REALLY see,” he joked.

“Well, I see lots of businesspeople.”

“OK. Good,” he said. “Now. Do you know what all these businesspeople have in common?”

“No idea.”

“Here. Let me show you something,” he said as he pulled out his wallet.

Matt unfolded a well-worn piece of paper. Both sides were covered in text.

“These are my goals,” he proudly stated.

“What, like, ALL of them?”

“Yes. Every one of them. Over 100, too: short term, long term, personal, business, relationship, you name it!”

“Wow. THAT is cool,” I nodded. “And I see you’ve dated and quantified each goal too. Nice work.”

“Thanks,” Matt smiled. “Now, do you know why I showed this to you?”

I leaned forward.

“Because statistically, about three percent of all businesspeople actually write their goals down. And less than one percent actually carry their goals with them at all times.”

“Which means, at this very Hooters, at this very moment, I guarantee you that I’m the ONLY person in the room who has his goals written down AND stored in his wallet.”

A chill ran down my spine.

“That’s what all these people have in common. They just don’t get it.”

Matt changed me on that day.

The way I think about goals.
The way I think about self-motivation.
The way I think about personal success.

When I got home that night, I sat down until 1 AM typing out every one of my personal and professional goals on a single piece of paper.

When the printer finished up, I grabbed my goal sheet and took one last look at it.

And I felt excited. Confident. Motivated.

Then I folded it up, stuck it in my wallet and committed to looking at it once a day, every day, until every goal was accomplished.

– –

I dare you.

I double dare you.

No, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU … to do this exercise.

Because it won’t just change the way you look at goals.

It will change the way you walk into a room.

Because even when you’re feeling down … even when you’re feeling unsuccessful … and even when you think business sucks

… all you’ll have to do is pull that little piece of paper out of your wallet, take one look around, and think to yourself, “You know what? I’m probably the ONLY person in the room who has one of these.”

What’s in YOUR wallet?

Share three of those items here!

* * * *
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