How to become the greatest receptionist in the world

Seth had a fantastic post about becoming a great receptionist.

He offered several great tips, which got me thinking: how else could you become the greatest receptionist ever?

Well, let’s brainstorm!

I’m working on a pair of mini-books for the fall. One of them is called The Approachable Front Line.

I’m working on a chapter called “How to become the Greatest Receptionist in the World.”

..with YOUR help!

Here’s a list of 12 ideas I’ve gathered so far.

CHALLENGE: submit your own suggestions at the end of this post and I will gladly give you credit my the upcoming book…

How to become the Greatest Receptionist in the World

1. Get descriptions of the people coming in for appointments. When you recognize them you can say, “Welcome in Mr. Jackson! Have a seat and Steve will be with you shortly.”

2. Get business cards, nametags and nameplates with cool job titles. For example: “First Impressions Director,” “Chief Hello Distributor” or “Greatest Receptionist Ever.”

3. Brainstorm a list of the most common candies, snacks and goodies that every receptionist in the world uses. (You know, the ones that every customer expects.) Then, go out and buy really delicious, unexpected candy that nobody else offers.

4. Have a “Trivia of the Day” for each guest. Challenge them to solve the answer by the time they go in for their appointment.

5. When a guest checks in, offer him a sticker while he waits. Not only will this be fun, it will spark conversations between other guests! Offer a choice of custom stickers like, “Next Victim,” “I’m here for the free food” and “I came to meet Mark.”

6. Instead of falling victim to the First Word Farce, (asking for name, information, number, etc.,) create an unexpected, unique greeting. Try something like, “Welcome to the best __________ in the world!” CHALLENGE: brainstorm twenty-five different greetings and using a new one every day for a month! Let the customers vote on which one they like best!

7. Four words: warm chocolate chip cookies.

8. Make your reception desk into a DJ booth. Ask guests what their favorite song is. Set up a pager system. When someone’s song comes up, say, “And this next tune is dedicate to our newest guest, Mr. Hansen! Here’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey…” (You laugh, but Shoe Carnival actually does stuff like this. It’s great.)

9. Do what Australian Dentist Paddi Lund did: chain saw your reception desk in half and serve tea to your clients in bone china cups.

10. Bring your dog.

11. Bring an assortment of treats and bones for other people’s dogs.

12. Nametags for everybody!

What are your ideas for becoming the Greatest Receptionist in the World?

Share them here! I’ll happily give you credit in my upcoming book!

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