Consistency is far greater than rare moments of greatness

I had the opportunity to give a speech at the Hyatt Regency’s Annual Employee meeting this week. The program centered on Hyatt’s service essentials, one of which is using the guests’ names.

During the meeting GM Barry Kaplan spoke for a few minutes. He forewarned the employees about the possibility of inspectors coming through the property to evaluate their adherence to Hyatt service essentials. Then, when he came to the point about using guests names, he said “There is NO excuse for a failure to use a guest’s name. And even if an inspector is coming in, it shouldn’t change anything – because consistency is far greater than rare moments of greatness.”

Nice! Well said, Mr. Kaplan.

In business, in life, in relationships…consistency is HUGE. It plays a vital role in everyone’s lives; albeit in different ways. And it’s one of those abstract terms people could talk about forever. I like MW’s definition of the word: “harmony of conduct” or “firmness of character.”

I also like what the Roman philosopher Horace once said: “Let your character be kept up the very end, just as it began, and so be consistent.”


In what way does consistency play a part in your life?

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Scott Ginsberg
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