What Happens When You Spot Growth Early

Amazon is the most profitable online retailer in the world.

Considering its massive catalog, absence of inventory, elegant
user interface, speedy customer service, enticing product previews, free
shipping, efficient logistics, recommendation algorithms, low prices, ongoing
discounts, helpful reviews and simple return policy, it’s no surprise they’re
the best.

But what most people don’t know about Amazon is the is
context in which it was created.

Twenty years ago, Jeff Bezos discovered a statistic that
changed everything.

He learned that the
Internet was growing at over two thousand percent a year.

Two thousand percent. Nothing grows that fast. Not even

But he recognized a good thing growing when he saw it. He
built a business that made sense in the context of that growth. And he made a
fortune off a phenomenon that nobody else noticed.

Not to mention, Amazon completely transformed the way humans
bought things.

That what happens when you spot growth early.

The river of dividends runs deep.


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