Here’s my card! Oh wait, I don’t have one.

According to last week’s Big Question, 50% of the respondents have, at some point, missed out on a business opportunity because they DIDN’T have a business card with them.

Several participants of the survey also contributed the following feedback:

“Actually, [not having a card] gave me the opportunity to converse more and get more info from them.”

“I have frequently forgotten cards, as I usually run out. So I will write my information on the back of the other person’s card, or better yet, get their card and call them or send them one of mine.”

“I’ve used napkins, the back of someone’s hand, even kleenex!”

“My business cards are always with me, in my purse. Guys can just as easily carry a few in their wallets — that way, whenever you leave the house, you have some cards with you.”

“I have missed a few great chances by not acting fast enough.”

“Not having a card is no excuse for missing an opportunity. Write your name and phone number on the back of your contact’s card, on a napkin – anything!”

How can we prevent this from happening? Here’s one idea.


Have you ever missed out on a business opportunity because you didn’t have a business card?

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