What do you see when you see people?

Every time you encounter a stranger, you unconsciously project (via your attitude, verbiage, body language, etc.) your answer to the following question:

What do you see when you see people?

o A sale?
o A mark?
o A color?
o A threat?
o A gender?
o A brother?
o A statistic?
o A neighbor?
o A human being?
o A fifty-dollar bill?
o A potential friend?
o A potential customer?
o A library of information?
o A role, position or job title?
o A means to achieve your ends?
o A vision of what that person could become?

Or, when YOU see people, do you see…

1. An opportunity to serve?
2. An opportunity to teach?
3. An opportunity to practice compassion?
4. An opportunity to make someone’s day?
5. An opportunity to provide unforgettable service?
6. An opportunity to turn conversations into laboratories?
7. An opportunity to practice your listening and questioning skills?
8. An opportunity to reassure people that the world is (actually) friendly?

Whatever your answer is, “what you see when you see people” will underscore everything you do, say and think during your encounters.

Whether you know it or not.

In his book, The Art of Happiness, The Dali Lama addressed this very subject.

When HE sees people, he sees an opportunity to practice compassion and kindness. Because, according to him, his religion IS compassion and kindness!

“I use compassion to soften and enrich the ground of everyday encounters,” The Dali Lama wrote, “for this makes the soil fertile and receptive to positive interactions with others.”

Soften and enrich the ground.

Make the soil fertile and receptive.


Great example of approachability in action.

In fact, I bet if you saw the Dali Lama walking down the street (which probably would never happen, but, still) I think his internal attitude would project SUCH an external aura of compassion and kindness; that you wouldn’t be able to help it.

You’d just HAVE to walk up to him.


As my girlfriend likes to say, “The Dalai Lama is my ohm-boy!”

What do you see when you see people?

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